Modern Hydrogen technologies enable cost effective decarbonization of natural gas, on-site generation of clean hydrogen, and easy sequestration of solid carbon. Our expertise in high temperature physics, kinetics, and materials science is unparalleled.

Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture

Natural gas releases carbon dioxide when it is combusted. Using traditional methods to capture and manage this CO2 is energy intensive and expensive. What if you could pull concentrated carbon out of natural gas before it was burned and before the CO2 was even generated? Modern Hydrogen technologies do exactly this. Our Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture delivers industrial-grade solid carbon that is easy to manage and reliably sequestered in bulk construction materials and will never become CO2.


Solid carbon carried on a hydrogen gas stream after being broken via pyrolysis.

Concurrent Combustion and Pyrolysis: CCP

The term Pyrolysis comes from the Greek roots "pyro" and "lysis" which mean "Fire" and "To Separate". This is an accurate reference point, because it is exactly what our systems are designed to do. Using thermal energy from a uniquely clean combustion process, we drive a pyrolysis process that separates methane (CH4) into its constituent carbon and hydrogen. And while pyrolysis is not new, you've never seen Modern Pyrolysis. Our patent pending innovations unlock clean hydrogen from existing natural gas wherever you have a utility connection point. No new pipes, no new electrical connections. This unique decarbonization method delivers low CO2 intensity hydrogen precisely where you need it and unlocks the pathway to decarbonizing industrial heat and steam without waiting for renewable electricity.

Solid State Power Systems

Modern is the world-leader in developing, designing, building, and deploying solid-state heat engines and associated systems. These thermionics, thermoelectrics, and AMTECs innovations include high-temperature heat exchangers, high-efficiency combustion designs, surface chemistry techniques, and proprietary state-of-the-art simulation and modeling tools for ultra-low emissions and advanced operations in the world’s most challenging operating environments.

Plasma in Chamber_v2