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Modern Hydrogen technologies remove carbon from natural gas, at-the-meter, for commercial and industrial operations. Our modular, gas decarbonization products generate clean hydrogen for low carbon-intensity heat, steam, power generation, and fleet fueling. With no new pipes, no onsite storage, and no supply chain risk, this distributed approach to hydrogen generation leverages existing, reliable infrastructure to deliver the fuel of the future - today.

Available Q3 23: ME-H50

On-site Generation of Clean Hydrogen

Over one third of US domestic CO2 emissions come from burning natural gas for heat and electricity. Meanwhile, heat for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) operations represents 25% of total carbon dioxide pollution in the USA. Reducing the CO2 footprint associated with energy consumption from C&I sectors is critically important for national security, domestic economic health, and climate stability.

Image Credit: Livermore Labs, 2023

Image Credit: Livermore Labs, 2023

Unfortunately, electrification alone is not a realistic option for wide scale decarbonization of C&I heat for at least two decades. (1) Heating C&I operations with electricity is more expensive than natural gas. (2) Industrial energy users have massive installed asset bases with legacy natural gas fueled hardware. (3) There is not enough electrical infrastructure to distribute the energy needed to electrify these heating loads. (4) Electrical generation capacity (renewable, natural gas, coal, or nuclear) is insufficient to supply both existing electrical loads and additive C&I heating loads for the foreseeable future.

Modern Hydrogen solves this problem. By removing carbon from natural gas at the point of use, Modern Hydrogen technologies leverage the versatility and reliability of existing natural gas infrastructure to deliver low CO2 fuels for heat and power in the most difficult-to-decarbonize commercial and industrial operations.

Decarbonized Heat & Steam

High temperature heat and steam are essential to manufacturing and are key to our modern standard of living. Unfortunately, the furnaces and boilers that generate process heat and steam are major air polluters. Due to cost and limited grid capacity, fully electrifying commercial and industrial heat and steam is not feasible within the next 20 years.

Modern Hydrogen technologies decarbonize natural gas and deliver low-CI hydrogen for decarbonized heat and steam in commercial and industrial operations. By decarbonizing natural gas and delivering clean hydrogen where you need it, Modern Hydrogen enables turnkey decarbonization across a range of blend percentages and volumes, without changing your operations.

Low cost, Carbon Sequestering Materials

Modern Carbon products reduce material costs and improve performance in concrete, asphalt, and rubber. Our ultra-low emission approach to pyrolysis delivers solid carbon with the industry’s lowest embodied CO2 rating. This means less material used, less embodied emissions, and longer life products for a more sustainable built environment.

Construction worker pouring reinforced concrete cement for sidewalk in new residential home