Preventing Harmful Carbon Emissions While Creating Low-Cost Energy and Materials

Our non-electric thermal process reduces CO₂ emissions from natural gas and makes low-cost, environmentally-friendly energy and materials.

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How it Works

We capture carbon from methane sources that would otherwise become CO₂ emissions.

Our methane pyrolysis technology breaks down methane into hydrogen gas and solid carbon before combustion.

Hydrogen is available to be used for onsite heat, power, or feedstock. The carbon is removed by Modern to be sequestered in asphalt applications.

Modern Hydrogen

Our Hydrogen Production Process Utilizes Existing Reliable Infrastructure and Prevents Carbon Emissions

Modern’s mission is to make energy cleaner and cheaper through science and technology breakthroughs.


Hydrogen can potentially revolutionize energy production for electricity and transportation — a response to spiking oil prices and the escalating climate crisis. Modern Hydrogen is promising.”

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How Utilities Might Decarbonize and Avoid a Climate Breakdown

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    Customer Applications

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    Gas Utility Providers

    We help gas utilities meet new emissions regulations and meet market demand for clean energy.

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    Heavy Equipment and Fleet Operators

    We reduce the logistics risk and cost associated with getting clean hydrogen to fleet fueling stations.

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    Environmental Engineering Companies

    Our innovative process helps meet regulatory compliance, reduce emissions, and provide cutting-edge solutions.

  • Industrial Manufacturers

    Boiler and Furnace OEMs and Operators

    We help reduce CO₂ emissions associated with generating heat, especially high-grade heat found in industrial and commercial operations.

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    Energy Sector & Power Plants

    Reducing CO₂ emissions with solutions that can be built in to existing infrastructure.

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    Transportation Infrastructure Developers

    We provide high-performing, eco-friendly materials that reduce costs.

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    Commercial and Industrial Heat Users

    We enable rapid transitions to low and negative-emissions operations without massive infrastructure or process changes.

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    Municipalities and Local Governments

    With both energy and materials solutions, we make cutting emissions good business.

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    Asphalt Companies

    We integrate solid carbon into asphalt products to make roads stronger, cheaper, and less reliant on emissions-heavy oils.

Our Modern Solutions

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    On-Site Decarbonization

    Decarbonize your natural gas when and where you use it.

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    Decarbonized Heat & Steam

    Powering net-zero processes and products.

  • Modern Hydrogen Materials

    Environmentally-Friendly Materials at Low Cost

    Turning would-be emissions into the built environment.

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