Decarbonize your gas supply

24/7 Onsite Clean Hydrogen Production

Built on breakthroughs in Methane Pyrolysis technologies, Modern Hydrogen removes carbon from natural gas, LNG, or RNG to deliver clean, affordable hydrogen for your operations. 

Modern Hydrogen's flagship product, the MH500, bolts onto your existing infrastructure to provide flexible, economic hydrogen at the scale you need.

With the MH500, you're in control of your hydrogen supply.

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The Modern Hydrogen MH500

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    MH500 Recommended Applications

    • Industrial and Commercial Boilers
    • Industrial and Commercial Furnaces
    • Process Heating
    • Hydrogen Blending
    • On-Road Mobility Fueling (Buses, Trucks, FCEVs)
    • Off-Road Mobility Fueling (High Uptime Logistics Vehicles)
    • Dispatchable Onsite Power Generation and Co-Gen
    • Process Cover Gas

    MH500 Features

    Easily Scalable

    The MH500 is modular and enables seamless bundling of units to meet your hydrogen demand.


    A unit is the size of an 8' x 40' ISO container. Additional space is needed for the utility skid and for site specific carbon operations.

    Hydrogen Generation

    A single MH500 produces 500 kg H2/day.


    The unit is compatible with pipeline grade natural gas, LNG or renewable natural gas. For specifics on biogas as a feedstock, contact us.

    Carbon Removal

    Modern Hydrogen ensures a safe removal of carbon from gas supplies, avoiding emissions and sequestering the carbon permanently.


    Monitoring is conducted 24/7/365.

    Code & Design Compliance

    CSA/ANSI FC5:21; ASME B31; and NFPA 2, 55, 70, 86; 49 CFR 192

    *All values +/-15% depending on site specific engineering and install considerations.

    Decarbonize with Hydrogen

    Modern Hydrogen utilizes cutting-edge technologies to produce clean hydrogen on-site and sequester carbon efficiently. 

    Utilizing breakthroughs in methane pyrolysis techniques, the MH500 provides clean, reliable hydrogen where ever you have a gas connection. 

    Produce clean hydrogen locally to avoid the costs, emissions, and hazards of hydrogen transportation.


    Hydrogen can potentially revolutionize energy production for electricity and transportation — a response to spiking oil prices and the escalating climate crisis. Modern Hydrogen is promising.

    Among the various hydrogen production and transportation pathways, the clean hydrogen production at point of use from natural gas is unique, and bundled with our hydrogen-fired boiler, it will be a great solution to the customers who have limited access to clean hydrogen in the other pathways.


    Daisuke Miyauchi

    National Grid is mobilizing to help our customers reach net zero, and hydrogen plus renewable natural gas are key pillars of our strategy. Modern’s technology could help our gas customers adopt clean hydrogen sooner by making low-CO2 hydrogen affordable onsite. Moreover, by pairing Modern’s pyrolysis technology with renewable natural gas in National Grid’s network, we have the potential to achieve negative emissions without the high cost of CO2 capture.

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    Lisa Lambert
    National Grid Partners

    NextEra Energy Resources sees Modern Hydrogen’s potential to support the emerging hydrogen economy using technology that can provide clean hydrogen on-site, without liquefaction, transport or storage ... NextEra Energy Resources believes that Modern Hydrogen will enable yet another exciting clean, cost-effective option for commercial and industrial customers.


    Elena Bueno-Gonzalez
    NextEra Energy Resources