Who is a Net Hero?

A Net Hero makes groundbreaking strides in the pursuit of a net-zero carbon world. They embody the intersection of ingenuity and environmental stewardship, exploring innovative solutions to our most pressing climate challenges.


This title, echoing our highest praise, recognizes those who are not just shaping our present, but securing a sustainable future for generations to come.

What Motivates a Net Hero?

"Tony Pan and Max Mankin's vision transcends the ordinary; they're the architects of extraordinary change, deftly navigating us toward a net-zero future.

Their relentless innovation and dedication make them not just our founders but our very own Net Heroes, pioneers in a world hungry for immediate, sustainable solutions."

  • Nic Sears

    Nic Sears

    "Now there's more of a future in that sport."

  • Screenshot 2023-08-08 135845

    Mothusi Pahl

    "I've spent my career working in heavy industry."

  • Samantha Tran

    Samantha Tran

    "It is a global problem that everyone's tied to."

  • Vikram looks at the camera during an interview

    Vikram Seshadri

    "That was my home."

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