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Decarbonizing with Clean Hydrogen

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Industrial Decarbonization

Integrating Hydrogen into Existing Building Heating Operations

Now more than ever, energy policy discussions are taking center stage in the United States and Europe. As countries explore phasing out their reliance on fossil fuels and embracing the use of renewable energy sources in heating buildings, innovative communities are looking to explore alternatives. Hydrogen is gaining a lot of attention primarily because it […]

Decarbonizing Industrial Processes: Moving Towards a Low-Carbon Future

The modern way of life and economic growth is heavily dependent on products from three primary heavy industries: chemicals, steel, and cement. While these industries produce diverse products, they are energy-intensive and generate massive amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from heavy industries is necessary to avoid the devastating […]

Methane Pyrolysis

What Hydrogen Future Can We Expect?

Many in the green technology industry see hydrogen as the key to a greener and more environmentally friendly future. A future that does not see us giving up driving, flying, or even manufacturing steel. However, in a world that’s heating up, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, can we do enough in the time […]

Clean Hydrogen From Natural Gas

Every year, we see the impact of global warming becoming greater. Every year we seem to have record high temperatures, droughts, wildfires, increasingly more powerful hurricanes and floods. This puts stress on our energy infrastructure to withstand all these events. In the face of these challenges, people are looking for energy solutions that can be […]

Utility Hydrogen

6 Steps to Achieve Negative Emissions with RNG

Using renewable natural gas (RNG) from biogas to produce hydrogen via methane pyrolysis and achieve negative emissions involves several steps. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown: Biogas Production: Organic waste (e.g., agricultural waste, food waste, sewage sludge) undergoes anaerobic digestion in a biodigester. This process breaks down the organic matter in the absence of oxygen, producing biogas. […]

Transitioning Industrial Processes with Utility Hydrogen

Hydrogen can be integrated into industrial processes to reduce carbon emissions. As we shift towards a clean energy future, the role of utility hydrogen is becoming increasingly important. Hailed as a key player in slashing emissions across various sectors, especially those tough-to-clean industries, utility hydrogen stands out. It’s not just a sidekick to renewable sources […]

Turquoise Hydrogen

Best Hydrogen Colors For The Environment

Many experts today point to hydrogen as the ultimate clean energy source. However, the cleanliness of this fuel boils down to how the hydrogen is sourced, produced, and extracted. While the gas itself is invisible, a widely used system of hydrogen colors as codes helps to identify and describe how hydrogen was produced and the […]

Best Hydrogen Colors For The Environment

Many experts today point to hydrogen as the ultimate clean energy source. However, the cleanliness of an energy source boils down to how the hydrogen is produced or extracted. While the gas itself is invisible, a widely used system of color codes helps to identify and describe how hydrogen was produced. With this color scheme, […]

Distributed Hydrogen

Distributed Hydrogen Systems Could Be The Key To Clean Energy Microgrids And Vehicle Fueling Stations

In the past couple of years, the conversation about hydrogen’s role in the decarbonization of the energy sector has shifted from how it can be done to when it will be done. Decarbonization goals, decreasing costs of renewable electricity, and improved integration into more significant renewables are driving the demand for hydrogen. This will soon […]

The Growing Importance of On-Site Clean Hydrogen

In this article, we’ll take a look at the role of clean on-site hydrogen generation in the US economy. We’ll also explore the benefits associated with carbon-negative hydrogen production. A good starting point would be to recognize the clear distinction between the role of hydrogen gas in the US economy and its potential as a […]

Carbon Capture And Sequestration

Important Steps To Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

One of the first steps to stopping human-influenced climate change is to lower, if not eliminate, the amount of global greenhouse gas emissions produced by our activities. Carbon dioxide is one that we need to be particularly aware of, mainly because we’ve been putting billions of tons of it into the atmosphere every year over […]

From Roads to Roads: The Circular Journey of Recycled Asphalt

Amidst a global push towards sustainability and recycling, one material stands out for its historical and ongoing recyclability – asphalt. Used primarily for paving roads, asphalt is heralded as one of the world’s most recycled materials, offering a noteworthy example of circular economy in action. According to a report by EHS Today, asphalt tops the […]