Utility Hydrogen

Transitioning to hydrogen can significantly decarbonize utility sectors, supporting global climate goals.

Discover how utility hydrogen - generated at the point of use - is making a difference in energy systems, without compromising reliability and efficiency.

What is Utility Hydrogen?

Utility hydrogen refers to the use of hydrogen in utility sectors to reduce downstream "Scope 3" CO₂ emissions. It's a key player in the global shift towards cleaner energy solutions.

Utility hydrogen uses natural gas as a clean, flexible energy carrier that can be used to decarbonize a range of sectors. It's particularly useful in industrial heating, electricity generation, and as a fuel for vehicles.

By decarbonizing natural gas and generating clean hydrogen, utilities can reduce the carbon intensity of the fuel they deliver. This blending can occur in front or behind the meter, so it works utilizing current infrastructure to accelerate the transition to lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Workers in yellow vests stand at NW Natural facility on pavement in a circle wearing white hard hat discussing on-site hydrogen blending.

Modern Hydrogen's Role in Utility Hydrogen

An infographic depicting a MH utility hydrogen solution

Why Utility Hydrogen Matters

Utilities supply natural gas, which is a major contributor to CO₂ emissions. Decarbonizing natural gas and transitioning to hydrogen can significantly reduce these emissions, supporting the broader goals of decarbonization.

The Broader Hydrogen Effort

Beyond utilities, hydrogen holds promise for decarbonizing transportation, industry, and buildings, forming a crucial part of the clean energy transition.

Benefits Beyond Decarbonization

Decarbonized natural gas and clean hydrogen can lead to enhanced energy security, reduced air pollution, and economic growth.

Challenges Ahead

Realizing the potential of utility hydrogen requires overcoming technical, economic, and regulatory challenges. Continued investment and policy support are crucial to accelerate its adoption.