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Modern Hydrogen had developed a pyrolysis process that is low-energy, low-cost, and low-emission. Starting with natural gas or biogas, Modern systems heat that gas up and break off the carbon atoms, leaving behind hydrogen molecules. The process is thermally driven and catalyst free, which means a low electrical load compared to alternatives and simplified operations. Taking advantage of existing, reliable infrastructure to deliver methane to the point of use means there is no waiting for truck deliveries, no need for large high-pressure storage, and no limitations based on your power supply.

The Process of Converting Methane Sources to Usable Hydrogen and Carbon

We capture carbon from methane sources that would otherwise become CO2 emissions.

Our methane pyrolysis technology breaks down methane into hydrogen gas and solid carbon before combustion.

Hydrogen is available to be used for onsite heat, power, or feedstock. The carbon is removed by Modern to be sequestered in asphalt applications.


How Does Methane Pyrolysis Work?

Natural gas or biogas enters the system.

Methane is heated until it breaks into solid carbon and hydrogen.

The solid carbon and hydrogen are separated, and the carbon is removed from the system.

Modern Hydrogen recycles some hydrogen to continue powering the thermal process. The rest of the hydrogen is delivered for use in applications such as heating, mobility fueling, and power generation.


Hydrogen can potentially revolutionize energy production for electricity and transportation — a response to spiking oil prices and the escalating climate crisis. Modern Hydrogen is promising.”

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How Utilities Might Decarbonize and Avoid a Climate Breakdown

How We Can Help

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    On-Site Decarbonization

    Decarbonize your natural gas when and where you use it.

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    Decarbonized Heat & Steam

    Powering net-zero processes and products

  • Modern Hydrogen Materials

    Environmentally-Friendly Materials at Low Cost

    Turning would-be emissions into the built environment.

Our Flagship Product, the MH500, Bolts On To Your Existing Infrastructure

Modern Hydrogen's flagship product, the MH500, bolts onto your existing infrastructure to provide flexible, economic hydrogen at the scale you need.

Reduce your CO₂ emissions and get usable hydrogen to produce energy instead.

Modern Hydrogen removes carbon from natural gas, LNG, or RNG to deliver clean, affordable hydrogen for your operations.

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    MH500 Features

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    Easily Scalable

    Adaptable to nearly any scale of operation, with upgrade capabilities to meet growth demands.

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    Compatible with a wide range of feedstocks including natural gas, biogas, and flare gas.

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    Code & Design Compliance

    Designed to comply with international codes and standards, the MH500 is designed for reliability in all regulatory environments. 

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    Small Footprint

    Designed to maximize efficiency while being compact, allowing it to fit your facility.

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    Carbon Removal

    The MH500 not only generates hydrogen, but also captures carbon effectively. Modern Hydrogen handles all carbon operations.

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    Reduction of Natural Gas & CO₂ Emissions

    Align with global decarbonization targets by using the MH500 to dramatically cut down on natural gas and CO₂ emissions.

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    Hydrogen Generation

    Generates usable hydrogen to provide energy for any hydrogen-powered application.

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    Engineered to the highest safety standards, the MH500 uses advanced protocols to keep your facility and team safe.

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    The MH500 facilitates a significant reduction in carbon footprint through our innovative technology.

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