Senior Materials Engineer and Technology Strategist

Senior Materials Engineer and Technology StrategistAlex is a Senior Materials Engineer and Technology Strategist at Modern Hydrogen. He has significant experience working at the intersection of semiconductor processing and energy technology, and he specializes in surface science, thin-film processing, solid-state and nonaqueous electrochemistry, and vacuum engineering.

Prior to joining Modern Hydrogen, Alex worked as part of a multi-institutional Department of Energy-funded Energy Frontier Research Center, where he successfully developed the first solid-state lithium-ion battery fabricated using conformal, vapor-phase chemistry. He obtained a PhD in materials science and engineering from the University of Maryland based on this work. Alex has coauthored more than twenty scientific publications and one patent on topics ranging from colloidal nanolithography to lithium-air batteries. He holds bachelor’s degrees in physics and mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania.

When not working, Alex’s hobbies include hiking, diving, skiing, and fossil hunting.