Market & Policy Positions

This page is dedicated to conveying our stance on crucial matters concerning policy around clean hydrogen production, decarbonization of natural gas, and capturing and sequestering solid carbon.

Modern Hydrogen's positions have been meticulously examined and are backed by data.

We acknowledge the value of vigorous discourse, respect diverse perspectives, and welcome feedback. We aim to provide valuable insights to customers, investors, policymakers, employees, and all other stakeholders.

Decarbonizing our society demands immediate action.

Policy Changes

Recognize Emerging Clean Technology

Equate CO2 and Solid Carbon

Stimulate Opportunities

  • Include methane pyrolysis as a decarbonization and clean energy/fuel pathway

  • Prioritize decarbonization incentives based on full Life Cycle Analysis through point-of-use

  • Require lower embodied carbon in paving materials and sequestration of solid carbon in roads

  • Create and support recognition in CO2e of pre-combustion carbon capture and storage (solid carbon)

  • Utilize a mass-based emission allocation method across all commercially utilized products

  • Recognize jobs & equity benefits of local clean hydrogen production

Pathway to Net-Zero

Decarbonize Natural Gas & Produce Local Clean Hydrogen

Generate clean hydrogen via local, point-of-use production with low-GHG full life cycle analysis (LCA). Accelerate the reduction of emissions intensity across multiple sectors and uses.

Supply Reliable & Economical Clean Energy Via Existing Infrastructure

Enable hydrogen adoption via local, point-of-use hydrogen production with lower GHG based on full life cycle analysis (LCA). Reduce emissions from commercial and industrial process heating and transportation fuels.

Streamline Hydrogen Production & Delivery

Distributed-scale projects simplify permitting and reduce emissions intensity by enabling low-GHG hydrogen at point-of-use via existing infrastructure.

Accelerate the Decarbonization of Hard-to-Abate Sectors

Accelerate decarbonization of C&I heat and power and fleet transportation fuels, as well as CO2 sequestration in the built environment.

Create local value and deliver multiple co-benefits

Support local communities with environmental, health and economic equity during the energy transition.

Sequester Carbon in Asphalt

USA technology bolts-on to existing gas utility infrastructure and decarbonizes natural gas at the meter. This approach delivers clean hydrogen for fueling heating, power, and mobility in difficult to decarbonize sectors. Carbon is captured as a solid and easily sequestered in paving materials and industrial products.