Sequester Carbon in Road Repairs

Team members from Bexar County, Road Recyclers and Modern Hydrogen collaborated to transform routine road repair into a sustainability demonstration. Suppliers.
Sequester Carbon in Road Repairs: As cities and regions across the nation grapple with the challenges of sustainable urban development, San Antonio’s pilot with Modern Asphalt presents a compelling case study. Its success could signal a new era in road construction, marrying environmental responsibility with practicality and performance. The San Antonio pilot project is more than just a local initiative; it’s a beacon of innovation in the asphalt industry. By embracing Modern Asphalt, the city isn’t just repairing roads; it’s paving a path toward a more sustainable future. As this project unfolds, it may very well set a new standard for urban infrastructure, demonstrating that ecological responsibility and high-quality road construction can, indeed, go hand in hand. Read Full Article