NW Natural, facing ‘electrify everything’ headwind, embraces Bill Gates-backed tech

The image shows a large industrial setup related to hydrogen production. The background features a complex array of pipes, tanks, and other machinery, indicating a high-tech environment such as a factory or research facility. The setting reflects advancements in modern hydrogen production and utilization, showcasing innovative energy technologies.
"It can go anywhere on our distribution system," Anderson said, gesturing back to the Modern Hydrogen installation. "So as we prove this out, Tony and his team are going to start going into commercial mode, you can do more and more of this on the system." The broad process heading for Modern Hydrogen's technology is methane pyrolysis, where high heat (800 degrees Celsius and up) is used to split the CH4 methane molecule into 2H2 and a solid form of carbon. A recent published review of the process concluded that "the safety, reliability and durability of pyrolysis technologies remain open to improvements." Yielding high grade carbon is one challenge for methane pyrolysis. Pan, who was at the Portland event, touted the value of the carbon the process the Modern Hydrogen process leaves behind. He and Anderson triumphantly held up a jar of the black material at the lectern at the NW Natural ceremony. Read Full Article