Hot-Mix (HMA) Binder Extender

Modern HMA Binder Extender is a performance-enhancing asphalt extender for low CO2 HMA mixes and the production of modified bitumen binders.

Lowers binder cost per lane mile

Improves binder stability in high temperatures

No negative impact to workability or mixing

Reduces rutting

Higher Temperatures can affect asphalt. Modern Asphalt can handle the heat. Truck of HMA being poured onto a private driveway.

Recommended Applications

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  • Low to High Traffic Volume Pavement
  • Dense-Graded
  • Asphalt Shingles



Reduces liquid binder percentage requirements while improving pavement performance and reducing rutting.


It is a ready-to-use powder for easy batch mixing and no special equipment required.


Improves high-temperature performance with no impact to low-temperature stability


Reduces oxidating effect of UV radiation.

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