Cold-Mix Asphalt Binder Stabilizer

Modern CMA Binder Stabilizer is a performance enhancing asphalt binder stabilizer for cold-patch. It is a ready-to-use additive for reducing embodied CO2. No special equipment required.

Improves binder stability in high temperatures

No negative impact to workability

Reduces deformation from traffic

Increases binder stiffness

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Recommended Applications

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  • Pothole repair
  • Rutting repairs
  • Manholes & drains
  • Utility cuts



Increases binder stiffness and reduces deformation at high service temperatures without causing cracking.


It is a ready-to-use powder for easy mixing and no special equipment required.


Improves high-temperature performance with no impact to low-temperature stability.


Reduces oxidating effect of UV radiation.

What people say about it

“Modern Hydrogen’s carbon capture technology being used in projects here is another step toward meeting our emissions reductions goals, and we look forward to seeing the impact it will have on our region’s innovative clean-tech ecosystem.”

Malcolm Bruce
CEO of Edmonton Global

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