Bill Gates paves a new road for carbon reduction in construction

The image shows Bill Gates in a high-visibility yellow safety vest and gloves, using a shovel to place asphalt or similar material into a pothole in a parking lot. He is working with a black wheelbarrow, labeled "Amesbury," filled with the material. Several parked cars and a chain-link fence can be seen in the background, along with trees and vegetation, indicating an outdoor setting. The scene depicts maintenance or repair work to improve the parking lot's surface.
Modern Hydrogen got its start back in 2015. Gates and former Microsoft researcher Nathan Myhrvold put money into the firm at a time when it was focused on capturing waste heat from furnaces and hot water heaters and turning it into electricity. The 60-employee company has raised $100 million in total venture capital from Gates, Myhrvold and others. Modern Hydrogen later developed a methane pyrolysis reactor that strips carbon from natural gas (methane) right at the meter, or from fossil fuels or biogas from sources like manure and produces pure hydrogen fuel that releases only water vapour as a byproduct. It can also produce a solid carbon that can be a key ingredient in asphalt. Read Full Article