Sealer Pigment

Modern Asphalt Sealer Pigment is a high-quality, low embodied CO2 pigment additive for asphalt emulsion sealer products.

Beautiful, durable colored pavement

No negative impacts to workability or finishing characteristics

Easily adjust color as desired

Reduce CO2 intensity of asphalt products

applying sealer pigment via broom on pavement for parkinglot

Recommended Applications

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  • Asphalt emulsion sealers
  • Slurry seals
  • Fog seals
  • Tack coats
  • Chip seals



Adds depth of color to asphalt emulsions for optimal visual appeal.


Available in ready-to-use packages for rapid job-site mixing and easy plant-scale production runs.


Easy to disperse pigment allows simple integration into base asphalt sealant.


Available in a pre-emulsified aqueous solution.

What people say about it

"The depth and richness of color that this pigment adds to emulsions are visually striking, instantly elevating the final appearance of our projects. The easy-to-disperse formula is a massive time-saver, blending smoothly with our partners' base sealants without any fuss."

Jason Stocks

Jason Stocks
Facilities Manager

"I’m particularly impressed with the vibrancy and depth of color it imparts – the finished surface looks fantastic. The added bonus of low embodied CO2 makes this product not just a practical choice, but an ethical one. In a competitive market, this pigment is a secret weapon for delivering top-notch, sustainable results."

Director of Human Resources

Luisa Chew
Director of Human Resources

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