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Stronger & Lower Cost

Save up to 20% on the cost of asphalt. Win more deals with a performance-enhancing solution and no change to workability.

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    A Massive Breakthrough in Asphalt

    A new asphalt mix using solid carbon from natural gas. The final product is a low-embodied carbon asphalt that requires less binder. Manufacturers and producers typically save up to 20% on asphalt binder, responsible for 80% of total material costs.

    • Up to 20% total cost savings
    • More competitive for government contracts
    • Better performance in higher temperatures
    • Strong & crack-resistant
    • No change to workability
    • In use on public roads

    Modern Asphalt In the Ground

    Modern Asphalt is used in 5 US States and one Canadian province, including the public roads of San Antonio, Texas. Ask us about the projects underway in your state.

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    Win More Government Contracts

    Modern Asphalt is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. This can be tremendously valuable to states and municipalities looking to hire eco-friendly services or to reduce their carbon footprint. Greener roads and up to 20% lower materials costs will put your company in a superior position to win contracts for paving these public roads and spaces.

    Product Sheets and Information

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    Applications of Modern Asphalt

    Modern Asphalt meets or exceeds the requirements of many public and private paving projects. Applications include hot mix asphalt, warm mix asphalt, cold patch, sealers, and recycled asphalt or Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP). The sealers look great with a deep dark black pigment, and pothole patches are stronger without cracking.


    Patch and Repair Material


    Driveways and Parking Lots


    Roads and Highways


    Runways and Taxiways

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